British cats and selkirk rex cattery
Welcome to the website of our cattery TYMABRI*PL.

The cattery has been registered in October 2006r and the name Tymabri*PL has been awarded in May 2007. Our cattery has been registered in POLISH FELINE ASSOCIATION (PZF) which belong to the WORLD CAT FEDERATION (WCF).

Our cats are dignified, elegant, smart, strong and charming lazybones with teddy bear outlook. Their fells is velvet alike. They are well-fitting team. They sleep hugged to each other or at least with interlaced tails. They romp together splendidly. They are our family members, we love them and coddle them.

If you are looking for a friend, look to the part "Kittens" - we present there our kittens which look for new homes. If at the moment we don't have any throw, you may see the tab PREVIEW. If you would like to buy a cat, please call us or write an email. There are possibilities of following the growth of kitten, initial reservation from a throw which is showed in the preview. We wish you a pleasant reading and invite dearly to visit our cattery.

* * *

We take care about health of our cats feeding them with dry- and wet fodders of the known brands: Biomil, Bozita, Purina Pro Plan, Mastery, Royal Canine, Miamor, Gimpet, Animonda, Felix. We vaccinate them regularly and they are subject of veterinary care of the clinic Marcel2.
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